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Our Services

Rebus Press offers a comprehensive range of publication services for people wishing to self-publish. Whether you require a simple proofread, a dynamic cover design, or the complete editing, design and printing of your manuscript, Rebus Press has an affordable service for you. Most of our services are described below, but if you’re after something a little different we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Complete self-publishing

If you want to self-publish but haven't the time, or the knowledge, to manage the project yourself, Rebus Press can take care of the entire process for you. We'll coordinate and oversee your project from start to finish, leaving you time to concentrate on the marketing and distribution of your book.

Proofreading & editing

Proofreading covers the correction of minor errors involving punctuation, spelling, incorrect word use and typography. At Rebus Press we recommend that every manuscript be given a final proofread by a professional editor before publication. Unlike your family and friends, a professional editor is trained to look for and recognise all of the grammatical, punctuation and other common mistakes made by even the BEST writers. Rebus Press can help you with all your proofreading, copyediting and structural editing needs. Remember, even Stephen King needs an editor!

Cover design

In the highly competitive setting of the bookstore, the cover of your book is often the only thing setting it apart from hundreds of others competing on the shelf. A vibrant and dynamic cover can mean the difference between success and failure for many authors — even those who are well-known and widely read.
If you already have a vision for the cover of your book, Rebus Press can help you turn it into a reality. From your initial description or rough sketch, our designer will work with you to produce a final polished design that you’ll be proud to put your name to. Or if you’d rather leave the creative work completely up to us, we’ll be happy to produce a cover from scratch while still including you in every aspect of the creative process.


Once you’ve decided on a cover design that will wow ‘em at the bookstores, you’ll need to ensure that the interior of your book is just as clean and effective as the outside. Cramped text, hard-to-read fonts and cluttered pages are all elements of a poorly designed self-publication. Rebus Press can give your publication a clean, attractive and professional design, helping your publication avoid the ‘amateurish’ look that so many self-published books have.

Promotional material

The very nature of self-publishing requires that authors promote and market their product themselves. At Rebus Press we can design and print promotional materials to match and complement your book, giving it the best chance of making a professional impression. Order forms, launch fliers, posters and bookmarks are just a few of the promotional items that we offer.


In today’s electronic age all authors benefit from having a ‘web presence’ with which to advertise their books, but many are confused or intimidated by the expense and complication of creating their own website. To save you the hassle, Rebus Press offers its authors their very own page on the Rebus Press website. For just $75 we’ll design and upload all the information readers need to know about you and your new book, such as:

*  an author bio
*  an image of the book cover
*  a brief excerpt
*  your contact details
*  the book’s recommended retail price.

When your page is created, we’ll provide you with a web address that people can visit to find out more information about you, your book and how to buy it.

ISBN, barcode and CiP

An ISBN is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies your book, making it easier for booksellers, libraries and readers to find. Cataloguing in publication (CiP) is a free service from the National Library of Australia. It provides a bibliographic reference for each book which is used to give advance notice of new publications to libraries, booksellers and the general public. Rebus Press can arrange the ISBN, barcode and CiP for your manuscript, leaving you to concentrate on the more interesting aspects of self-publishing.


Rebus Press offers a reliable printing service with extremely competitive rates. We cater for both large and small print runs (from the tens to the thousands) and can also arrange printing processes such as embossing, foil stamping and specialty inks and coatings.