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Self-Publishing with Rebus Press

There are many steps involved in turning a manuscript into an actual book: cover design, editing, typesetting, ISBN/barcode, copyright, printing options – these are all issues that the self-publishing author must deal with. Some people go it alone, choosing to undertake all these jobs themselves, while others opt to have one or more professionals help them with individual aspects of the process. That’s where Rebus Press can help. We offer a comprehensive range of publication services for people wishing to self-publish. See our 'Services page for more information on how we can help you turn your manuscript into a book you can be proud of.

Why self-publish?

Publishing your own book can be a rewarding and profitable experience, and more and more authors are turning to self-publishing as a means of ‘getting their work out there’. Not only does self-publishing allow you total control of the creative process, it also means that all finished copies, the full copyright and all money received from book sales remain exclusively yours.
Many authors (especially first-timers) find it difficult to get their work accepted by traditional publishing houses. Large publishers won’t take on projects with a risk of unpredictable sales or those that appeal to a limited audience. Self-publishing with Rebus Press can be a way to test the ‘sales potential’ of your book without the expense of a large print run.

Who self-publishes?

Well, self-publishing is great for people who:
    want small print runs of as few as 50 books
    have a ready-made market or business to on-sell books
   are frustrated with dealing with traditional publishers
    want total control over all design and editing decisions

    want to retain their copyright and all the profits from their work.