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About the self-publishing process

If you’re considering self-publishing but aren’t sure about what it entails, here’s a brief rundown of the process from idea to completed project.
1. Tell us about your project
Give us a call and we’ll arrange an obligation-free meeting to discuss your project.
2. Get a quote
If you’re keen to take your enquiries further we’ll supply you with a free quote on the approximate costs involved.
3. Discuss your project in detail
If you accept our quote we’ll talk to you again about the specific details of your project. At this stage we’ll look more closely at issues such as format, cover design, font and layout styles, images or photos to be included, printing quantities, and whether you require an ISBN or barcode. We can also discuss any extra requirements you may have such as bookmarks, launch fliers or other promotional material.
4. Send us your manuscript
When you’re ready, send us both a hardcopy and electronic version of your manuscript along with any images needed for the book. Remember to include things such as bios, prefaces, acknowledgements and a blurb for the back cover. (Refer to the section titled ‘How to format your manuscript’ on p.11 for details on how to prepare your manuscript for submission.)
5. Edit and proofread the manuscript
If Rebus Press is editing or proofreading your manuscript now is the time to start working on corrections. Editing can be a back and forth process and may take some time depending on the extent of work to be done.
6. Design a cover
Now comes the exciting part: the cover design! Whether you have an idea or image you’d like to use or you’re happy to leave the ideas up to us, we’ll work with you to create the perfect cover for your book.
7. Design a layout
Once you’re happy with how the design for the cover is coming along we’ll start work on the interior of your book. To keep the look of the book cohesive, we try to use elements such as fonts and images from the cover across the interior of the book as well. We’ll send you a few sample text layouts to look at and then refine them until we reach a design you’re happy with.
8. Typeset the manuscript
When you’ve decided on how the interior of the book will look, the entire manuscript is put into layout. It’s a good idea to make sure all editing and other changes are made BEFORE this point in order to avoid extra costs.
9. Make any final corrections
When the entire manuscript is typeset we’ll send you an electronic proof (in the form of a PDF) so you can look it over and make any minor final corrections. As writers, we understand that seeing your work in print can change the way you view or read it. Because of this, we’re happy to make changes, but these will be charged at an hourly rate. Please be aware that making changes at this stage, even seemingly minor ones, can drastically alter the layout of a typeset manuscript.
10. Check the final proofs
When all corrections and/or revisions have been made we’ll send you a final hardcopy proof of both the cover and layout to sign off on. When you’ve checked the proofs carefully, and are happy with the final product, sign and send back our ‘proof confirmation’ sheet authorising us to print.
11. Send the files to print
After you’ve signed the proof confirmation authorising us to print we’ll send you an invoice for the total amount owing on your project. Because we pay our printers up front, we require half of the total invoice amount prior to printing your job. The balance is payable on receipt of your books.
12. Enjoy your beautiful new book!
The hard work is done, the books are printed, all that’s left is to pick them up. Now take some time to sit back and enjoy your beautiful new book!